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Christian Mbayo Binanga

Quand les gardiens de la paix deviennent abusifs: le cauchemar UN de Congo.

Since the 2000s, there have been numerous reports of mind-numbing scandals committed by international organizations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). These vary from rape and sexual abuse to the illegal export of minerals and illicit firearms to murderous rebel groups responsible for conflicts between provinces and neighbouring countries.

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Jason Kim

L'éruption volcanique risque d'aggraver l'insécurité et la pauvreté à Saint Vincent.

La Soufrière, a volcano located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, erupted last Friday. The volcano has been dormant since 1979 and the eruption caused around 20,000 people to evacuate. While the volcano has been rumbling since December, the destructive eruption came as a surprise for many. International experts are deeply concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Saint Vincent.

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