Canada pledges nearly fifty-million dollars to Syria in humanitarian aid

Canadian Minister for International Development, the Honourable Karina Gould pledges to provide $49.5 million for Syrian humanitarian aid during the fifth Brussels conference organized by the EU and the UN. 

“After a decade of suffering, the Syrian people deserve the continued support of the international community. Canada is increasing our humanitarian assistance to trusted partners. We must not lose focus.” the minister tweeted on March 30, 2021.

The aid is an effort to provide nutritional assistance and health services to land that has been Turkey and Egypt while also assisting those who are internally displaced.

The aid provided is part of a UN initiative to raise US$10 billion of humanitarian aid to Syrians battling a two-front battle: a continuing war and the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Since 2016, Canada has provided up to $3.3 billion as funding for the humanitarian crisis that has engulfed Syria to provide humanitarian, development, and stabilization assistance. 

Minister Gould has stated that the Canadian government will continue working with Syrians and the broader international communities to fight and achieve a sustainable political solution.

With more aid on the way, we need to question its efficiency. With the current political climate, it is essential to ensure that the provided assistance reaches those who need it and not corrupt officials’ pockets. Transparency International’s Perception Index ranks Syria at 178 out of the 180 countries. Syrians’ distrust in their officials coupled with western organization’s lack of understanding of the local values should not be an obstacle for the aid to fulfill its purpose.    


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